It is a pleasure to see Maroussia berners take part in various activities. Dog shows, obedience, agility, rally obedience, tracking, animal-assisted activities – and keeping company on the couch. On this page we have collected pictures and texts about some berners who have been giving joy to their owners in many ways.

This page is not ready, more dogs coming 🙂

Erkan vom Red Holsteinhof

Born 19.5.2003

C.I.B. FI & EE & LT MVA, PM V -05, V-05, EUV-06, V-06

FI CH Maroussia Alfaberlina

From the first Maroussia-litter (born 1993) FI CH Maroussia Alfaberlina “Jetta” (A 0/0) stayed home. We get to keep her 13,9 years. Jetta was everything a Berner should be; gentle and self-confident, lived a long and healthy life visiting the vet only for her vaccinations and she was beautiful. Jetta gave birth to 4 litters, easily and without caesarian sections and she was full of life until the very end. Jetta was a dream that will stay in our minds forever and she is also a goal for us, just the kind of Berner we want to breed.

In the picture Maroussia Alfaberlina with grand-grand son
MULTI CH Maroussia Sidney and his daughter CH Maroussia Zacher, 5th generation

Maroussia Esprit

C.I.B, FI CH, SSV CH, VDH CH, ÖKV CH, Bundessieger 2009, Middle East European Winner-09, GH1 & 2


AOD 8 y 1 m HD-A/B ED-0/1 in Finland, / HD-FREI = A 1 ED-O in Germany (Maroussia Prada-Prinzessa – Odenhills Frodo)

Owned: Kennel Maroussia & Kennel vom Rummelsbach

Maroussia Prada-Prinzessa


HD-A ED-0 AOD 8 y 8 m

Owned: Kennel Maroussia

Maroussia Halina

C.I.B, FI CH, DK CH, NL CH, SLO CH, SSV CH, VDH CH, ÖKV Centennial Winner-09, GH 1 & 2

Halina’s merits: Sieger Stuttgart, 3*FI CAC, DK CAC, 4 * VDH CAC, SSV-CAC, 2* NL CAC, 2* ÖKV CAC, CACIB A, 2*CACIB NL, CACIB GER, CACIB FI, GH 1 (Gehorsamprüfung) / obedience title from nocive class

HD-A ED-0 in Finland / HD-FREI = A 1 ED-O in Germany

AOD 7 y 1 m

(LUX JCH UpBeatBoy della Torre d’ Ovarda – INT&LV&EST& FIN CH Maroussia Verdina

Owned: Kennel Maroussia & Kennel vom Rummelsbach

Maroussia Sidney

C.I.B, FI CH, DK CH, SE CH, NO CH, NORD CH, EE CH, LV CH, LT CH, EEW’03 BALTW’03 & ’06 NORDW’05 Multiple Group & BIS placer

(8.8.2001 – 28.6.2008)


owned: Anne Äijö

Maroussia Jean d’Arc

HD-B/A ED-O, 02.04.2007-11.01.2016
Laku was my very first dog. I fell in love with him when he was a wee little puppy in the whelping box, but he already had a home and I was never going to get a male dog… But he was meant to be mine, and at the age of 4,5 months Laku came to live with us. He was a smart and mischievous boy and he loved people unconditionally.
We joined Pirkanmaan Hali-Bernit to do animal-assisted activity and visited hospitals, schools and different sort of occasions. Laku was made for that ”job” and a joy to work with. Even if he was sometimes a little too active, when we were working, he was calm and loved when people came to cuddle him. For instance, once we went to a Christmas sale opening in large store. There were a huge amount of people, a choir singing christmas carols and everything. And Laku laid on his back in the middle of the store, waiting for someone to cuddle. Well, the entire choir came when they stopped singing 🙂
He had a heart of gold and we miss him dearly. The first one and the best.
Text & picture Mari Ylirautia

Maroussia Lida-Leonissa

2.7.1999 – 7.9.2009 (mammary tumour)
HD-A, ED 0/1, eyes clear
BOB-veteran in shows, Open class I in obedience, Officially character tested

Nelli was the first bernese I have owned, and a dear, true friend!
She competed in obedience with me and was a certified therapy dog, working with disabled people and in elderly homes. She was calm and gentle, and never ever fought with anyone. Despite her calmness, she was eager to chase rabbits, though.
She was also mentally tested in an official Finnish character test and approved. Nelli was a happily stubborn, always trustworthy and most loyal friend I could ever ask. She was very clever in picking up new things and was a joy to work with. She loved to carry her own grocery bag and picked up glasses, cups and gloves etc. from the ground for me. She also got 2 litters, with total of 10 lively puppies. She was a good mom to her own puppies and a great grannie to her grandchildren!Text & pic: Jaana Sarso, pic 1 Miia Toivonen

Maroussia Shelby

Deutscher Champion (VDH) Deutscher Veteranen Champion (VDH) Deutscher Veteranen Champion (SSV) Finnischer Champion Slowenischer Champion Österreichischer Veteranen Champion GH 1 & GH 2, BH, TK 1

08.08.2001-04.11.2014 HD: B/B ED: 0/0 Genomische Zuchtwerte: LL 106 HD 111 ED 91

Owned: Birte Conrad, Germany

Maroussia Crocodile-Coach

Internationaler Champion Deutscher Champion (VDH) & (SSV) Finnischer Champion Slowenischer Champion Danish Champion Schwedischer Champion Österreichischer Champion Bundessieger ´06 GH 1 & GH 2 BH

01.08.2004-05.08.2014 HD: A/A ED: 0/0 DM: N/N

Owned: Birte Conrad, Germany

Photos: M. Wedemeier

Maroussia Enya-Edelina – still going strong

Born 28.11.2005, CAC-winner

I have had the honor of owning two lovely bernese mountain dog veterans, Maroussia Halley-Heraldin ”Nelli” (1997- 2008) and Maroussia Enya-Edelina ”Cilla” 11 years. Cilla is so amazing dog, she is always happy and loves to be petted. Cilla has its own way to ”smile” and ”talk” when she get excited. We’re still doing long forest walks and Cilla is almost always walking free. Cilla has been ”Karva-Kaveri” and we have visited nursing homes and child caring institutions to delight the elderly and children. Cilla is so nice and peaceful old lady, so one of a kind dog! Text & photo A-R .Aaltola

Maroussia Odysseus-Oensis

AT VET CH AVBDSG-09, MEEVW-09, Best veteran placements in Finland, Sweden, Gemany, Netherlands and Austria.
22.5.2000 -3.3.2014 HD-B/A, ED-0
Our first dog Onni joined us as a puppy and went on to spend 14 wonderful years with my family. There was never a dull moment with Onni, he showed us love and affection and taught us all the true meaning of friendship. He loved to go on long walks and really enjoyed swimming.
Onni lived a long and healthy life; the first six years as our only dog and thereafter as  the undeniable leader of a pack of four male Bernese mountain dogs. We did a lot of obedience training together, where Onni showed us he could do so much more than the trainer asked.
At the age of nine Onni became the father of seven puppies, toured European dog shows and became the veteran champion in Austria. Despite this excitement, his fame and his stardom; our everyday life was always the most important part of Onni’s world.
Onni really was the ”one and only”. Always ready for anything as a loyal and faithful member of our family.
Text: Salla Salokannel

Maroussia Yazz-Yedrico

Maroussia Fina-Favorita

Maroussia Zante-Zhivago

Maroussia Kembro

FI CH RTK1 Maroussia Talina